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About Nyasa Band

From being a jam room secret to performing throughout the city with a troop of musicians; Nyasa distinguishes itself as an intoxicating brew of rich originals among mixed notes of Sufi, Folk and Avant-Garde.

Melding Folk-filled melody within hard and heavy beats, Nyasa condenses vast array of influence and experience with striking intellect. Whoever said “It’s not just music, man,” was right – it isn’t.

It’s a volatile cocktail of creativity, expression of pure, unalloyed joy and manifestation of our inner selves- baring our souls through music.

Nyasa unleashes this distinctive vibe in their performances, straining and blurring boundaries once thought sacrosanct.

About Band Members

Whoever said “It’s not just music, man,” was right – it isn’t.. It’s more & Its NYASA.

Nilesh Salunkhe


Vaibhav Ramteke

Lead Guitars

Gaid Panmei

Bass Guitars

Samuel Pawar


Vaibhav Durtkar


Contact Us

+91-9890221325 / +91-9730452973


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